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What is Keyword density?

Keyword density could be a foundational construct of program optimization (SEO).

 It is important to grasp however keyword density works since it will have an on the spot impact on your website content's visibility in program results pages (SERPs) and on the prices of your on-line selling campaigns.

 However, the relative importance of keyword density in most program ranking algorithms, as well as Google's, has modified over the years, thus it's particularly key to grasp however this idea can impact your SEO within the post-Panda world.

Keyword density refers to the quantity of times a keyword seems on a given webpage or at intervals a bit of content as a quantitative relation or share of the general word count.

 This can be additionally generally remarked as keyword frequency, or the frequency with that a particular keyword seems on a webpage.

Keyword density formula?

Keyword density may also be calculated as a particular figure, do you have to get to.

To work out the keyword density of a webpage, merely divide (range|the amount|the quantity) of times a given keyword is mentioned by the full number of words on the page – the ensuing figure is that the keyword density of that page.

What is the best keyword density for SEO?

As with just about all aspects of SEO, there aren't any clearly outlined “rules” once it involves keyword density. You won’t realize any pointers from Google that tell you precisely what number keywords a bit of content ought to contain, nor ar there any specific figures or data point you'll rely on that govern however densely keywords ought to or mustn't seem on your website.

There are, however, some concerns which will assist you to guarantee your content is optimized which will increase the visibility of your content and improve the general expertise of your audience.

Beware of keyword stuffing:

 About ten years past, once SEO was still associate rising discipline, a way referred to as “keyword stuffing” became very hip. Keyword stuffing is that the follow of cramming as several keywords as potential on a webpage, usually during a manner that feels forced and unnatural to the reader.

 Typically, this was accomplished by as well as protracted footers at very cheap of webpages, which might contain dozens – or maybe lots of – of slight keyword variants of common search terms.

 this method might usually be seen on building websites, which might usually feature footers that consisted of hyperlinked keywords: “cheap hotels Barcelona”, “cheap hotels Cairo”, “cheap hotels Dresden”,

 as an example, every of which might take guests to a different webpage that includes a equally huddled, keyword-stuffed footer. Although this follow could appear uncommon nowadays, this method offered unscrupulous program improvement professionals an easy thanks to rank on the primary page of Google results for just about any keyword you'll imagine.

 At the time, Google’s algorithms weren't however subtle enough to interpret these keyword-stuffed pages as what they were – an inexpensive “hack” to engineer the SERPs – so these pages would generally rank terribly extremely. Not thus nowadays. The precise factors Google uses in its search algorithms – usually spoken as “ranking signals” – stay a closely guarded secret, however we tend to do understand that Google penalizes sites that use bald keyword stuffing in skinny content.

 As a result, you must avoid cramming as several keywords as potential into your webpages, as this can be probably to possess the fully opposite impact to the required result.


As we have a tendency to mention earlier, there are not any invariable rules concerning keyword density.

To complicate matters additional, keyword density will and may amendment looking on the character of the content in question; a timely, syndicated article, for instance, might have considerably fewer keywords to rank extremely than associate older evergreen journal post. However, there area unit some unofficial tips which will assist you create choices concerning your keyword targeting strategy.


Many SEOs suggest together with one keyword per roughly two hundred words of copy.

 In different words, if a webpage consists of one, 200-word paragraph, it ought to contain no quite one keyword.

You’ll be ready to “safely” embody a lot of keywords than this (i.e. while not being punished by Google),

 however roughly one keyword per two hundred words of copy is taken into account an honest benchmark by the SEO community.